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Never Give Up for Anything or Anyone!

Never Give Up for Anything or Anyone!

A Small Man’s Response to this UCB payment debate

>Response to this NY Times article<

I have @UCBTLA to thank for challenging me, making me work harder to achieve better quality in my improv comedy which ultimately rewarded me with friends, a great community, a year spent creating sketch shows on Maude night and now being teamed up with some of the best improvisers and new friends I know that is my Harold team Mister Town City.

It has been worth every single unpaid moment. I’m known to have my personal ups and downs, comedy doubts and whatnot stressful depressing moments of feeling lost in my direction however the UCB has always offered inspiration via classes, cheap shows, student jams and an open door for the creative comedy seeker. Some get it, Some don’t. The work we’re doing isn’t labor. It is work that we’ve chosen to pursue simply because we can’t bring ourselves to live without it, plus it is FUN,  and we’re lucky enough that a major popular and quality comedy theatre offers us the possibilities of greatness if we just put in our time and not give up.

I’m not the most articulate person to be a defender on this debate but I want to say that my time with UCB has been precious and there isn’t enough money that can add up to the worth it has given. We all have big dreams and UCB offers a place where we work hard on our comedy crafts and grow and pursue multiple end goals as a community, friends and a theatre.

UCB is mapped out like one of my favorite bands/record companies Fuguazi & Dischord, which never compromises on the vision of quality and staying true to it’s original intent. UCB is here to offer up cheap quality shows for an audience hungry to laugh and those legion of people putting in their own time, talent and money in order to put up the best possible show will one day be the highest praised and quite possibly highest paid performers, writers, producers etc., because they did it for the love of it and nothing more. Being paid for what you love is a gift and must be earned first before you demand it.

Again, maybe I’m off point and don’t understand the stand up comedian’s point of view however I’ve watched friends/roommates do stand up over and over again at open mics, create their own shows and relish when they were asked to do stand up at UCB and never complaining about the lack of payment because let’s admit it, all stage time is good. It makes you a better performer and creates more stage time for you that might be a paying gig, $$$BOUNUS$$$!!!

Anyhow, I love the UCB, I’ve put in a lot of time, still struggle, still love it, don’t need them paying me because fuck it let’s HAVE FUN going after our dreams of comedy!!!

Also, my Harold Team has the pleasure of performing with Bangarang! on their final Harold Night on February 25th at 9:30pm. The reservations are sold out however there is always a stand by list the night of!!!!

LDT Dreams Come True!


Sept. 23rd - Dream Teams!

Sweet Dream – Marissa Strickland, Cissy Fenwick, Becky Feldman, Jonny Svarzbien, Scott Davis, Joel Jenson, Nick Mandernach, Jon Mackey, Paul Bartunek

Day Dream – Mary Holland, Erin Whitehead, Dave Christenson, Farley Elliot, Jacob Womack, Matt Reid, Danny Mastrangelo, Mano Agapoin, Scott Neiman

Wet Dream – Casey Feigh, Rene Gube, Drew Tarver, Hector Santa Cruz, Ryan Rosenberg, Dan Lippert, Anthony Gioe, Allen Loeb




Here’s a video that shows what happened last night at the UCB Theatre.  In short Craig Rowin convinced the entire audience, the entire Internet, and journalists around the world that an eccentric millionaire was giving him one million dollars simply because he made a YouTube video asking for it.  After a hilarious show celebrating his achievement, Craig revealed it all to be fake and left the stage.


Please Give Me One Million Dollars - Up In Flames

Yes, I am not a millionaire. Thanks to everyone who came out, everyone who believed and everyone who kept the secret with me.


Whatever it maybe you’re going after, I believe in order to reach your full potential we must eliminate self worth from what we do and fully commit to the passion of the very activity.

Does this mean that we shouldn’t have self worth? Absolutely not. We should at all times work towards having self worth in everything we do. I say have pride in everything you do from the way you wake up to the way you fall asleep and everything in between.

However, I think it is harmful to place your entire self worth on the shoulders of one aspect of your life or one singular pursuit. Simply because everything has ups and downs. Everything is consistently in a state of fluctuation. Therefore to attempt to stabilize one’s value on anything is setting up oneself to interpret the natural path of growth as an ultimate failure or ultimate success.

The ideal would be to be at peace with the true self within every moment.

What is the perfect you? Along with most people, we find ourselves fantasizing about this person we hope to be. Making those repetitive proclamations of “wish i did this, wish I could, wish I was, wish i didn’t.” Everything we do well and everything we don’t do well makes up the perfect you. Strengths and flaws shouldn’t be viewed as mere obstacles and highlights but rather simply the pieces that make a perfectly balanced whole - whether we’re fully aware of the precise structure that is us. Furthermore, our own strengths and flaws fluctuate as consistently as anything outside of ourselves therefore we can’t even rely on those to define our self worth moment to moment.

So it seems I’ve walked us into a corner about gauging our own self worth. If nothing can be relied on to be consistent, how should one find and visualize our worth in the self?

Use nothing. Stop gauging our worth. Simply start letting yourself know that you’re AWESOME. There are several ways to go about this-find your own-but if we’re going to live in a world that is painted with inconsistency, I suggest attempting to be consistent with reminding yourself of your value. Don’t wait for a great moment to happen/perceived victory or a low down failure that has you dragging your knuckles in the dirt to take a shot of the self worth potion. Always let yourself know you are AWESOME. Always be picking yourself up. Always be giving yourself high fives. Always be proud. No matter what you’re doing, when you’re wrong or right know that you’re perfectly awesome and growing. Don’t weigh down your worth with any event or action. Everything you do and nothing you do is you and it is awesome. They say everything has been done before; I say no it hasn’t because I haven’t done it yet.

If you are full of self worth, who cares about the outcome of everything you do. It will all have a greater value if you have a greater value for yourself. Therefore, if you do not use your dreams and the steps it takes to reach your dreams as a gauge to measure you’re self worth you’ll be free to enjoy the fullest passion when engaged in that pursuit and when actively participating in whatever your personal dreams call for.

Passion is the key. Self worth is up to you. Dreams are easier achieved than anyone can comprehend.

Magic is Moment - Thoughts on Pursuing Your Dreams